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Welcome to the "Close Call" aka
Yami - Suzuki attack gallery...


Story with the photos!
Quad Close Call #3 -
nope wasn't a Yamaha,
this time a SUZUKI - I did NOT get the shot from the 4th close call - guess I was smart enough ahead of time to get out of the way! Drew Brandt #72

Yami Quad Close Call #4 -
This is NOT the photo of him almost getting me, but it is one of my riders that almost got me on the whoops at Fun Valley! Tanner Gipple #22

Yami Quad Close Call #5
This is NOT the photo of him almost getting me. At the Sandbox in February 2008 He came off of a double and lost control and went off right into me - his tire hit my leg and boosted me up a bit but all was good - never saw the ground thank God!
YAMI attack NUMBER 6
from the ATV Nationals at Walnut May 10, 2008 - Glad I saw him coming!

Attack NUMBER 7 -
Suzuki Number 2

from Fun Valley on May 25, Benji Lorenz #737 broke a balljoint coming off of the downward slope around the 1st berm after the step up.

He went flying and the quad went flipping. I was at the bottom of the slope shooting up right before the bottom berm. I was running and tripped and fell and praying when I turned that the quad wasn't still coming at me!!

Luckily Kelley Bryan had just moved some dirt off the slope the night before and that's exactly where the quad landed and STOPPED!

Thank goodness Benji was OKAY!!!
Thanks to my daughter Sara who took these last 3 pix! It was only her 2nd day ever out on a track!!! She did great!

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